“I understand that everyone has their own dream and ideal when it comes to the perfect body. Maybe you are looking to lose weight. Maybe it is your goal to boost your muscle mass or increase in strength. There are many specific goals that I can help you achieve. Find your perfect plan below.”

These plans are recommended for bodybuilding / fitness competitors

Frequently Asked Questions

William understands online coaching to get the perfect body might not seem personal or effective. With this FAQ, I will explain how online coaching works, so that hopefully, everything gets more transparent and clear.

What happens after I pay?

After you have signed up and paid for your plan, you will receive an email requesting to fill out the intake form. This information should be provided as accurately as possible. After you have performed these steps, William will prepare your personal transformation plan and send it to you within 7 working days.

What do I do when I have questions?

With your packages, you will receive an e-book full of tips and tricks to make your transformation period as comfortable as possible. Part of the e-book is an elaborate FAQ section that will answer most of your questions. If you still got questions afterwards, it’s possible to send an email to William.

Will my meal plan be tailored to my personal requirements?

William considers it important that the meal plans fit every individual. After signing up, you will receive a confirm-mail that contains a link for the intake-form that (when returned) gives him all the information that he needs to tailor a plan that suits your individual body profile, food preferences, allergies, and goal. Next, to the personalized diet plan.

Should I use dietary supplements?

When your diet plan contains dietary supplements, these should always be seen as a complementary (and therefore optional) addition. Although the use of certain supplements can have beneficial effects on your transformation results, they are not mandatory for results as a personalized meal plan and structured workout program are the most important things.

Who is William Bonac?

William Bonac was born on May 18, 1982 in Ghana and has lived in the Netherlands for a long time. With a lot of professional titles in his pocket, including bagging a third place at Olympia 2017, he is the most successful professional male bodybuilder from The Netherlands.

Is it possible to pay monthly?

No, unfortunately not at this moment. Normally we have subscription possibilities but we are working at this moment on a few new payment options. Please let us know if you are interested in a subscription payment option

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