Who is William Bonac?

William Bonac (IFFB PRO) helps people from all over the world achieve their aesthetic and/or fitness goals. William provides personalized diet plans and workout schedules that are fully customized to his clients’ goals and profiles. Based on the information you provide after signing up, William will set up with a plan that 100% fits your personal goals and needs.

How do I know which plan is right for me?

William believes every client is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all workout program that will work for everybody. However, experience has taught us that four types of goals are mentioned most when asking the public about their personal fitness objectives. Below, we give a description of these goals and transformation program that has been specifically designed to meet these goals.
If your primary goal is to lose body fat, in fitness terms called “cutting”, a plan that helps you burn body fat while maintaining your muscle mass is probably the right plan for you. Sign up now for the “Losing body fat” transformation plan.
If your primary focus is to build lean muscle mass, also known as “bulking”, you should choose a plan that helps you build muscle and keep your body fat percentage relatively low. Sign up now for the “Get lean muscle mass” transformation plan.
Finally, if you are primarily aiming at increasing your overall (functional) fitness level or strength with a little less regard for physical appearance, a balanced plan that focusses on functional performance will work best for you. Sign up now for the “Improve overall fitness & strength” transformation plan.

Can I gain muscle and lose fat at the same time?

In order to lose body fat, you must bring your body to a state of calorie deficit. This means you consume fewer calories than your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) or “Maintenance Calorie Level.” In order to build lean muscle mass, the exact opposite holds true. Your body must be in a calorie surplus and you must consume more than your (TDEE). This implies that it is very difficult to work on both losing body fat and building muscle mass at the same time. In fact, most people focus on improving their overall physique by taking one goal at a time (i.e cutting fat after a period of bulking or vice versa).

Can I get a sport specific plan?

William focusses on the four main goals transformation goals as mentioned in the FAQ “How do I know which plan is right for me?” Although we do not provide sport-specific plans, we do not exclude that our plans may have an (beneficial) effect on sport specific performance.

Do I need fitness/gym experience in order to start?

Although fitness/gym experience is not an absolute necessity in order to follow our programs, in general our plans are aimed at people who have a little familiarity with working out. If you have little or no experience or have any doubt about any of the prescribed activities, we recommend to consult a medical and/or fitness professional before any of these are performed.

What is William offering that I cannot find for free on the internet?

The internet is full of information on training, dieting, supplementation, and other health and fitness related material. In fact, information is available in such massive quantity (and quality alike) that probably everything there is to know is available online somewhere. And guess what, exactly this forms the bottleneck in finding the right pieces of information that are of value to you. Even if you manage to find all pieces of the puzzle, most people face difficulty in putting these pieces together to get a holistic plan that provides them with solid and sustainable results. This is where William comes in. Based on years of experience in physical transformations, dieting, and training, William offers 100% personalized, detailed, goal-orientated workout schedules, diet plans, supplementation advice, and support.

So what am I buying?

We believe that each client only deserves the best. Therefore we offer more than personalized diet-, training- and supplementation advice. Next to additional online mail support, our clients get exclusive access to the coaching app that enables you to track your personal workout plan on your mobile devices. Also, you can use the app to monitor both your physical and in gym progression, watch instructional video’s, keep notes and plan your workouts.

Will My Meal Plan Be Tailored to My Personal Requirements?

William considers it important that the meal plans fit every individual. After signing up, you will receive a confirmation mail that contains a link for the intake form that (when returned) gives him all the information he needs to tailor a plan that suits your individual body profile, food preferences, allergies, and goal. Next, to the personalized diet plan.

Should I use dietary supplements?

When your diet plan contains dietary supplements, these should always be seen as a complementary (and therefore optional) addition. Although the use of certain supplements can have beneficial effects on your transformation results, they are not mandatory for results as a personalized meal plan and structured workout program are the most important things.

What do I do when my discount code does not work?

Please send an email or fill out the contact form on the website.

Will My Plan Require a gym membership?

Scientific study and several years of experience have convinced that weight training is one of the most effective ways to burn body fat and/or build muscle mass. Although not all weight exercises must necessarily be performed using gym equipment, gyms most likely have (most of) the materials that are necessary to perform the exercises mentioned in your training plan. As such, a gym membership is highly recommended.

What happens after I pay?

After you have signed up and paid for your plan, you will receive an email requesting to fill out the intake form. This information should be provided as accurately as possible. After you have performed these steps, William will prepare your personal transformation plan and send it to you within 7 working days.

How do I pay?

We support VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, SoFort, iDeal, Mister Cash, and SEPA.

Is it possible to pay monthly?

Yes, it’s possible to pay monthly. The only difference is that there is a $30.00 sign-up fee for monthly payments. This is because we have to check and track payments. This is not necessary for a one-time payment (which William prefers).

How fast do I get my transformation package?

Once you have signed up, paid, and submitted your questionnaire, it will take up to 7 working days to prepare your personalized program.

What do I do when I have questions?

With your packages, you will receive an e-book full of tips and tricks to make your transformation period as comfortable as possible. Part of the e-book is an elaborate FAQ section that will answer most of your questions. If you still got questions afterwards, it’s possible to send an email to William.

Can I share my plans with friends and family?

William embraces a 100% personalized approach, meaning all information (including diet and training plans) provided by William to you is for your personal use only. In fact, transformation plans that are provided to you may be harmful to others and should therefore never be used by others. In addition, all information provided to you is copyrighted, and may not be shared with others in any form.


William highly values the satisfaction of all his clients. If within two weeks of receiving your transformation package you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact William to find a satisfactory solution. Compared to many other firms that offer online training and nutrition advice, William offers very competitive prices for his products and services to offer maximum value to his customers. As a downside of this, William is not able to make any refunds.